Feel Comfort and Freedom of Assisted Living in Manor Village

Join the seniors living in The Manor Village retirement community Scottsdale, AZ. Beautiful surroundings await those with a zest for living in an active community where a life of leisure is the norm, no mowing the lawn, repairing the plumbing or freeing the driveway of snow. Live independently with access to dozens of amenities, dining out, excursions, and positive lifestyle activities.

Live in the midst of this upscale Scottsdale neighborhood, while enjoying the quiet elegance of the location. The architecture is stunning, and the surrounding area is picturesque.

Retirement Home Advantages:


Assisted living allows independence without the struggle of living alone. Some seniors have problems with mobility and memory. They pride themselves on living alone but worry about simple things. As people grow older a simple thing like leaving, the door open becomes a problem. Cooking or answering the phone is troubling. The advantage of assisted living in Scottsdale, AZ takes away the worry and allows seniors to live on their own, but keeps someone close by to help if necessary.

Aging may make it difficult for the elderly to open a jar or use a can opener. Those who are diabetic face the danger of injury from the everyday appliance. There are also those who may forget to take medications. Living in The Manor presents an alternative to living alone and in some instanceshiring full-time home assistance personnel. Dementia care is also a part of our facility. Memory loss is a part of aging for some. Our staff assist in helping residents care for themselves; daily.


The assisted living home in Scottsdale, AZ, is located in close proximity to the following:

  1. Landscaped property
  2. Historical venues
  3. Quality medical facilities
  4. Freeway access
  5. Shopping
  6. Restaurants

This luxurious location offers residents a unique 715 sq. / ft. living space consisting of a living room, bedroom, bath, and kitchen. In addition, it has a sunroom area or large private balconies. Apartments are fully furnished, with bath area specially equipped for senior living.

Residents have access to transportation, people to upkeep the facility, social activities and emergency assistance on site. Activities at The Manor Village provide residents with housekeeping services.

The Manor provides geriatrics pharmacy, sleep therapist, and many other needs of the elderly. Residents have the option of foot care and any type of shoe and mobility function through foot care specialist.

A mosaic program prepares fun outing for residents. No sitting around letting the world pass you by. If you want to get out and visit entertainment venues. The staff at The Manor Scottsdale, AZ can get you there.

The excellent culinary staff prepares meals each day for residents, breakfast, lunch, and dinner; ensuring residents get the proper nutrition.